Police Car Park Four Level Electric Elevator Police Accessories

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Police Car Park Four Level Electric Elevator Police Accessories
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Garancia vrátenia peňazí
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Originálne a edukačné
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Police Car Park Four Level Electric Elevator Police Accessories

Toddlers love multifunctional toys that let their imagination run wild and give them lots of options. That is why playing will not get boring quickly. Create your own police base, with a professional lift and car parks. Assembling the whole four-storey car park will develop manual skills, precision and creativity. Playing alone will stimulate his imagination and will let him create various scenarios of fun. Time for great fun!

The set consists of 79 elements, which is a challenge to arrange the car park. Moreover, the set includes 3 police cars, a transport plane and an electric lift. The four lift buttons are responsible for super melodies and for pulling the lift up and down. Just press the yellow button and the lift lifts the car up. The aeroplane has an opening bow and back - this is where police planes can enter and quickly transport troops to the scene of the action.

All elements are made of high-quality plastic, therefore the toy is durable. It also has no sharp ends.

Elements of the set:

-four-storey car park

- lift with automatic retraction and sounds

- transport plane

- 3 police cars

- road signs

- parts for assembling the car park

- area mat

- sticker set


Dimensions of the set elements:


60 cm x 32 cm x 67 cm


6 cm x 4 cm x 3 cm

- plane:

25 cm x 25 cm x 5 cm

- mat:

78 cm x 78 cm


Package dimensions:

78 cm x 40 cm x 9 cm

Toy suitable for children over 3 years old. Made of safe material. The car park is powered by three 1.5 V AA batteries, not supplied.

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: Dráhy a železnice
Hmotnosť: 4.1 kg
Dĺžka tovaru v centimetroch: 78
Vek: 3+
Výška tovaru v centimetroch: 9
Šírka tovaru v centimetroch: 40
Celková hmotnosť v gramoch: 4680